Jerome Paulson

Jerome Paulson, MD

Jerome Paulson


Emeritus Professor


School: Milken Institute School of Public Health

Department: Environmental and Occupational Health


Office Phone: 202-471-4891

Jerome A. Paulson is an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Environmental & Occupational Health at The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services, and an Emeritus Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at The George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences.

He created the American Academy of Pediatrics Program on Climate Change and Health. He is a consultant to the Medical Society Consortium on Climate and Health and is a founding member of Virginia Clinicians for Climate Action and is helping clinicians in other states create Clinicians for Climate Action groups. He is a past chair the executive committee of the Council on Environmental Health of the AAP and past Medical Director for the Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Units – East. He served on the Children’s Health Protection Advisory Committee for the US EPA. Dr. Paulson co-created, and for a number of years lead, the Mid-Atlantic Center for Children’s Health & the Environment.

Dr. Paulson received a bachelors degree in biochemistry with honors and with general honors from the University of Maryland, College Park, MD. He received an MD degree from Duke University in Durham, NC. He did his pediatric residency at the Johns Hopkins Hospitals and Sinai Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He also completed a fellowship in Ambulatory Pediatrics at Sinai Hospital.

Bachelor of Arts (Biochemistry), University of Maryland, 1971

Doctor of Medicine, Duke University, 1974

Climate Change

Children's Health

Working with an array of community organizations, Dr. Paulson advocates for minimizing environmental health risks to children, including preventing lead poisoning and mitigating climate change. He has served on the Executive Committee of the Council on Environmental Health of the American Academy of Pediatrics and on the EPA's Child Health Protection Advisory Committee.

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