Allison Sylvetsky

Allison Sylvetsky

Allison Sylvetsky


Associate Professor

School: Milken Institute School of Public Health

Department: Exercise and Nutrition Sciences


Office Phone: 202-994-5602
Fax: 202-994-1420

Dr. Sylvetsky is an Associate Professor in the Department of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences and is Director of the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition undergraduate degree program. She is also affiliated faculty at the Sumner M. Redstone Global Center for Prevention and Wellness and is a Special Volunteer at the National Institute for Child Health and Development (NICHD) in the Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

Dr. Sylvetsky joined the GW faculty in 2014, prior to which, she was a post-doctoral fellow in the Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch of NIDDK  in the Intramural Research Program of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). She received a doctorate in Nutrition and Health Science from Emory University.

Dr. Sylvetsky's research focuses broadly on obesity and diabetes in youth. Her primary research interests are in studying the consumption and health effects of sugar-sweetened beverages and low-calorie (artificial) sweeteners, with a key focus on their consumption during childhood.  Dr. Sylvetsky uses mixed-methods approaches to investigate sugar and sweetener consumption at the intersection of physiology and behavior, and conducts cross-disciplinary research studies in both the laboratory and the community. She is currently the Principal Investigator of two NIH-funded studies examining consumption and effects of low-calorie sweeteners in children.




Children's Health

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - The George Washington University (2009)
Doctor of Philosophy in Nutrition and Health Science – Emory University (2013)

EXNS 1109 - Professional Foundations in Nutrition Science

EXNS 2114 - Nutrition Science 1

EXNS 2115 - Nutrition Science 2

EXNS 2119 - Introduction to Nutrition Science

EXNS 3111W - Exercise and Nutrition Science Research Methods

PUBH 6619 - Fundamentals of Nutrition Science (MPH)

Dr. Sylvetsky's research focuses on the consumption and health effects of sugar-sweetened beverages and low-calorie (artificial) sweeteners, with an emphasis on their consumption during childhood.

These projects have included:

  • studying consumption of low-calorie sweeteners in various populations, as well as dietary and metabolic correlates of their cosumption
  • examining effects of low-calorie sweetener restriction on cardiometabolic health in youth with type 1 diabetes
  • investigating alterations in glucose, insulin, and satiety hormones after ingestion of low-calorie sweeteners
  • assessing the time course of low-calorie sweetener entry into human breast milk, urine, and plasma
  • evaluating effects of low-calorie sweeteners on the human gut microbiome
  • studying whether prolonged ingestion of diet soda containing sucralose and acesulfame-potassium impairs metabolic signaling pathway
  • understanding multifactorial determinants of low-calorie sweetener and sugar-sweetened beverage consumption
  • behavioral interventions to lower sugar-sweetened beverage consumption among children and adolescents

Beyond consumption and health effects of low-calorie sweeteners and sugar-sweetened beverages, Dr. Sylvetsky research interests also include the effects of early life exposures on diet, weight, and health; the relationship between diet and gut microbiota, behavioral, environmental, and policy approaches for improving the overall diet; and the role of dietary patterns in prevention and management of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

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