Todd Miller

Todd Miller

Todd Miller


Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies

School: Milken Institute School of Public Health

Department: Exercise and Nutrition Sciences


Email: Todd Miller
Fax: 202-994-3601
950 New Hampshire Avenue, 205

Dr. Miller is responsible for the development of the Master of Science concentration in Strength & Conditioning at GW, and currently serves as program director.   Since coming to GW in 2005, Dr. Miller’s professional and research interests have varied widely.  These interests have included studies of exercise adherence in commercial health clubs; caloric expenditure during interactive video gaming in school children; obesity treatment in retired NFL players, and most recently, the role of resistance training in preventing and treating overweight/obesity in women.  He is the former Director of the Weight Management and Human Performance Lab at GW’s Virginia Science and Technology Campus.  Dr. Miller has won GW’s Excellence in Teaching Award 5 times. 

As a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Tactical Strength and Conditioning Facilitator, Professor Miller brings a tremendous amount of field experience to his research into muscle physiology. His early focus on the influence of strength training on athletic performance evolved into an interest in how human beings respond to long-term space travel.  To learn more, Dr. Miller has used animal models to investigate the deleterious effects of microgravity on neuromuscular and cardiovascular physiology, and how those effects can be countered by exercise.  His final work with NASA included an experiment that flew on the ill-fated Columbia shuttle in 2003.

Exercise Science

Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science), Pennsylvania State University, 1995

PhD (Exercise Physiology), Texas A&M University, 2000

Postdoctoral training (Dept. of Microbiology), University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, 2000-1.

EXNS 2112: Exercise Physiology II

EXNS 2128:  Scientific Principles of Strength & Conditioning

EXNS 6202: Advanced Exercise Physiology I

EXNS 6203:  Advanced Exercise Physiology ll

EXNS 6221: Science and Theory of Resistance Training

EXNS 6222: Current Topics in Strength and Conditioning

EXNS 6810:  Advanced Metabolism

Dr. Miller is a member of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. He currently serves as the Chair of the Council for the Accreditation of Strength & Conditioning Education (CASCE).  Todd also serves as an Adjunct Staff Member for the National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. He was honorably discharged from the U.S. Coast Guard in 1990.

Dr. Miller's research centers on the physiological adaptation of skeletal muscle in response to exercise and disuse. His particular focus is on the interplay between exercise, metabolism, nutrition and body composition. Secondary areas of research include training techniques for elite athletes,

factors affecting health club usage in the American public, as well as the emerging role of interactive video gaming on physical activity. 

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