GWSPH Remembers Jack Geiger

January 4, 2021

Our School remembers Jack Geiger, and the very special relationship he had not only to the entire field of public health but also to George Washington University. To understand Jack you need to transport yourself back to the early 1960's, a world in which we still had the most severe forms of health disparities in the US related to lack of sanitation, extreme poverty, limited educational opportunities, overt racism and discrimination, and when there was no Medicaid health care safety net. 

He founded the community health center movement .... predicated not only on providing free health care but also to address the upstream causes of ill health, what we now call the social determinants of health.  The Geiger Gibson Program in the Milken Institute SPH has carried this work forward. My own career in healthcare began with work in a community health center -- whose very existence was inspired by Dr. Geiger's centers.

A passionate advocate against injustice in all forms, he inspired many of us to incorporate empathy, moral courage, and social justice into our practice of public health. 

Michael and Lori Milken Dean Lynn R. Goldman

Milken Institute School of Public Health

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