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Our research today is shaping the public health policies and practices of tomorrow.

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New Study Examines the Role of Health in Climate Lawsuits

GW researchers are at the forefront of analyzing how climate lawsuits shape the nation’s response to climate change. The researchers analyzed 873 judicial decisions related to climate change and coal fired power plants between 1990 and 2016. They found that 16 percent of cases associated with those decisions referenced health issues, but when referenced, led to judicial decisions that protected communities from the effects of climate change and coal fired power plants.

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At the Milken Institute School of Public Health research is pivotal for strengthening and expanding our school’s foundation. Our faculty are passionate about finding solutions to today’s most critical public health problems. Our faculty’s research often evolves into influential public health policy and practice locally, nationally and globally. Moreover, our drive for research excellence creates a vibrant culture of learning for our students. Students come to us from all cultures and backgrounds, ready for an intellectual journey that will take them to new frontiers of public health research, practice and leadership. Research mentorship by our faculty steers them through that journey.

Organized Research Units

Research Resources

Office of Research Excellence

This office provides support to the school’s faculty and researchers, identifying funding opportunities, formulating research agendas, and fine-tuning grantsmanship, to enhance scholarly output with high public health impact.

Office of Research Excellence
Research Accelerator Blog

Our school’s research information sharing and research updates for our investigators, upcoming funding opportunities, and insights on timely topics.

Research Accelerator
Office of the VP of Research

The OVPR office works closely with the Office of Research Excellence to provide support for faculty and student research initiatives.

Office of the VP of Research

Research Days

Showcasing Student Research

Each year, GW hosts Research Days, which is an opportunity for students, faculty and researchers throughout GW to share their research with the university community. One day during the two-day event is devoted to health and medicine. The process begins about a month before when participants submit an abstract of current, ongoing or completed research for consideration. Once approved, participants have the opportunity to showcase their research with a poster presentation (online or in-person!) with the chance to win cash prizes. It’s a great way to gain experience presenting your research to both a lay and research audience, and network.

2018 Student Posters

Interested in Participating in Research Day

Recent Research Headlines

Deanna Kerrigan, Dave Huebner, Amita Vyas, Olga Acosta Price and Bill Dietz Join Milken Institute School of Public Health Colleagues for “Celebrating 200 Years | Science, Policy, and Advocacy: GWSPH and the Future of Public Health”

On Thursday, September 9, several PCH faculty members participated in “Celebrating 200 Years | Science, Policy, and Advocacy: GWSPH and the Future of Public Health”...

PCH Faculty Member Dave Huebner Publishes on Cardiovascular and Cortisol Responses to Experimentally-Induced Minority Stress

Associate Professor David Huebner and colleagues publish in Health Psychology on cardiovascular and cortisol responses to experimentally-induced minority stress. As...

New Report Offers National Blueprint for Strengthening Family Planning Services in Medicaid Managed Care

WASHINGTON (June 17, 2021) —A new report by researchers at the George Washington University lays out a blueprint for policies that can strengthen family planning for...