US Pharmacy Chains Release Customer Prescription Records Without a Warrant

GW expert on health information and law can discuss privacy and other concerns

December 14, 2023

Photo of a pharmacy advertising prescription drugs

WASHINGTON (Dec. 14, 2023) — A Congressional investigation reveals that some of the largest pharmacy chains in the US have provided patient prescription records to police and government officials without a warrant, according to a story by the Washington Post.

Some drug store chains have lawyers review the requests but some major US pharmacy chains like CVS Health and Rite Aid allow pharmacy staff to provide customer medical records without a lawyer’s input or a warrant.

The trend, which raises privacy concerns, was outlined in a letter sent to the Secretary of HHS by several members of Congress.

Lara Cartwright-Smith, an associate professor of health policy and management at the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health, can discuss the ethical, health law and privacy issues raised by the practice. Cartwright-Smith helps direct the Health Information and the Law Project at GW. 

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