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Incomplete (I) Course Grade Contract

At the option of the instructor, the symbol I (Incomplete) may be recorded if a student, for reasons beyond the student's control, is unable to complete the work of
the course during the term of enrollment. The instructor must approve such reasons before the date when grades must be reported. Typically, an Incomplete is
given when a student needs additional time to complete one or perhaps two remaining assignments/exams/projects. This symbol may be used only if the
student's prior performance and class attendance in the course have been satisfactory. The symbol I cannot be changed by reregistering for the course at GWU or
by taking its equivalent elsewhere. It is recommended that work be completed by the end of the term following the term in which the incomplete grade was issued.
Students should meet with their academic advisor to discuss registration while working to finish an incomplete.
Note: This contract must be submitted to Student Records ( prior to the last day of the term.  For any questions regarding this form please email

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*May not exceed one year from end of term. If coursework is not completed within the specified time, the student will earn a grade based on work completed in the entire course.