Practicum & Applied Practice Experience


The Applied Practice Experience is required for all students who matriculated in Fall 2019 and after.

Applied Practice Experience (APEx) is the new applied learning experience required of all Master of Public Health (MPH) students and is more than what we used to call “Practicum”. APEx is designed to help students apply the knowledge, skills, and theories learned in the classroom to real-world public health issues outside of the classroom. Guided by your departmental practice advisor, faculty, and preceptors, you will be able to demonstrate the attainment of MPH foundational and program-specific competencies, learn from public health professionals from a range of public and private sector disciplines, build the relationships critical to a strong and engaged professional network, collaborate on interprofessional teams, and jumpstart your public health career (or career transition)!

To successfully fulfill the APEx requirement, students must complete a minimum of 120 hours at an approved public health organization (site) and produce at least 2 work products that benefit the APEx site and demonstrate the student’s attainment of the required competencies. Students will complete the APEx as part of PUBH 6022: Public Health Practice and Leadership 2 and should consult with their advisor regarding program-specific requirements for APEx. 

Applied Practice Experience Resources

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Department-Specific Information

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The Practicum Experience is required for all students who matriculated before Fall 2019.

The Practicum Experience is a planned, supervised, and evaluated project in which students gain practical skills and knowledge via a 120-hour real-world work experience with partners outside of GWSPH. During the Practicum, you will work under the supervision of your department’s Practicum Advisor and a Site Preceptor to develop skills and confidence as a public health professional contributing to a community’s resources and to the solution of public health problems. 

If you are new to the field of public health, the Practicum Experience serves as an important first step in a public health career, providing an introduction to the practical skills and experience necessary for a productive and fulfilling career. If you have had prior work experience, you will find that the Practicum Experience provides the opportunity to hone your skills or to gain new experience in a different area of public health. 

The Practicum Quicklist is located in GWSPH Source - search for Practicum Quick List. ​


Practicum Resources

Practicum Equivalent Experience Waiver Information

Students who matriculated before Fall 2019 and have 3 or more years of full-time, professional public health experience prior to matriculation may qualify for a practicum waiver. If approved for a Practicum Equivalent Experience Waiver, students will be required to replace the Practicum Experience credit hours (2) with an approved elective. To be considered for a practicum waiver, students must submit their completed Practicum Equivalent Experience Waiver Application to their departmental practicum advisor, director, or coordinator prior to the end of their first semester (residential MPH students) or their second quarter (online MPH students).