GWSPH Source


The Spring 2016 semester marks the launch of the school's intranet, GWSPH Source.  "The Source" is home to all resources for students, faculty and staff.

Currently, The Source can be utilized one of two ways.  First, if you know the name of the resource you are looking for, simply type it (or part of it) into the search bar and click the icon. You can also use the category filters under "Resources" to help you locate the resource you are looking for.

Secondly, under the "Faculty," "Researchers" and "Staff" tabs, you will find navigation that will help you locate information and resources similar to those available on the school's website.

At the end of the semester, much of the content on the public website that is specific to current students, faculty and staff will be found exclusively in The Source.

Please use the tabs on the right to provide us with Feedback throughout the semester so we can continue to hone The Source into the best and most dynamic tool possible.

GWSPH Source