Milken Institute School of Public Health Announces the George Washington University’s First Hybrid Offering for Online and On-Campus Graduate Students

Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University (Milken Institute SPH) recently announced a new, innovative program offering for students enrolled in all master’s-level programs. Beginning in the spring 2016 term, on-campus and online students will have the opportunity to take up to 15 credits of graduate-level public health courses in either program format. This hybrid offering is the first of its kind at GW and is designed to offer students greater flexibility in earning a degree through a combination of traditional, on-campus education and innovative, online instruction. 
“Higher education is continuously changing — the state-of-the art technology behind our online learning platform provides students and working professionals with the level of convenience they desire while maintaining the high quality and rigor you expect from an institution like Milken Institute School of Public Health,” says Julie DeLoia, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs at Milken Institute SPH.
This new blended learning option comes after the proven success achieved through MPH@GW, the Master of Public Health program delivered online by Milken Institute SPH and its distinguished faculty. Through the learning management system 2GW, students and professors meet online in face-to-face, weekly classes taught by Milken Institute SPH faculty. The program features live, robust discussions and asynchronous course content that includes highly produced interactive videos, dynamic lectures, faculty-designed multimedia coursework, and project-based assignments. 
Milken Institute SPH partners with 2U, Inc. to deliver the online learning platform. 
In addition to enabling on-campus students to enroll in online public health courses, current online MPH@GW students who wish to experience the traditional on-campus experience can do so at Milken Institute School of Public Health’s state-of-the-art new facility in Washington, D.C. This will provide the opportunity for online students located across the globe to live, work and study at the only school of public health in the nation’s capital.
“The online MPH@GW program is excellent because of the accelerated pace, the comprehensive curriculum, and highly credentialed professors from GW,” says Tiffany Cunin, a current MPH@GW student. “I have taken away more knowledge and skills than I thought possible in such a short time with the MPH@GW program, and I am thankful that I can be a part of the residential experience at GW as well. The option to take up to 15 credit hours on campus provides an even more holistic educational experience for those who can take advantage of it. “
Learn more about the new hybrid learning option at Milken Institute School of Public Health. 
About Milken Institute School of Public Health at the George Washington University: Established in July 1997 as the School of Public Health and Health Services, Milken Institute School of Public Health is the only school of public health in the nation’s capital. Today, more than 1,700 students from almost every U.S. state and 39 countries pursue undergraduate, graduate and doctoral-level degrees in public health. The school also offers an online Master of Public Health, MPH@GW, and an online Executive Master of Health Administration, MHA@GW, which allow students to pursue their degree from anywhere in the world.
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