Journal of Health Communication

The Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives is the leading journal covering the full breadth of a field that focuses on the communication of health information globally. Articles feature research on: 

  • Developments in the field of health communication 
  • New media, m-health and interactive health communication
  • Health Literacy
  • Social marketing
  • Global Health
  • Shared decision making and ethics
  • Interpersonal and mass media communication
  • Advances in health diplomacy, psychology, government, policy and education
  • Government, civil society and multi-stakeholder initiatives
  • Public Private partnerships
  • Public Health campaigns

Global in scope, the journal seeks to advance a synergistic relationship between research and practical information. With a focus on promoting the health literacy of the individual, caregiver, provider, community, and those in the health policy, the journal presents research, progress in areas of technology and public health, ethics, politics and policy, and the application of health communication principles. The journal is selective with the highest quality social scientific research including qualitative and quantitative studies.