Amita N. Vyas

Amita N. Vyas

Amita N. Vyas


School: Milken Institute School of Public Health

Department: Prevention and Community Health


Email: Amita N. Vyas
Office Phone: 202-994-3695
950 New Hampshire Avenue, Office: 315 - Floor 3 Washington DC 20052

Amita N. Vyas, PhD, MHS, is a tenured Associate Professor at the George Washington University (GW) School of Public Health and Director for the MPH Maternal and Child Health program and the Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health. Dr. Vyas also serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Women's Health Issues; she is the Founder of the Global India Fund; an Executive Member and co-founder of the State Department's U.S.-India Alliance for Women's Economic Empowerment; and a Non-Resident Senior Fellow at the Atlantic Council. In 2014, Dr. Vyas joined Girl Rising and Co-Produced the Girl Rising India film and served on its Board of Directors until 2020. 

At the age of 20, Amita journeyed to Calcutta, India to work alongside Mother Teresa in the Missionaries of Charity. In one eye-opening summer, she was immersed in the relationship between health, education, and social inequities affecting vulnerable populations.  From that extraordinary experience, inspired by a simple desire to serve those in need, she decided to pursue a career in public health.  This early experience working alongside suffering and devastation continues to play a role in her teaching, scholarship, practice, and service to communities, and it is through this lens of empathy that she has led efforts to address the health, education, and well-being of women, children, and families locally, nationally, and globally.

Dr. Vyas earned her Masters in Demography at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health and then continued her studies at Johns Hopkins earning her doctorate in Population and Family Health Sciences, receiving awards for outstanding academic achievement.  Dr. Vyas’ research has primarily focused on the health and well-being of adolescent girls and women, and she has led countless large scale intervention and research studies in the U.S, India, Morocco, Bangladesh, South Africa, and Peru. Dr. Vyas is the recipient of several awards including the George Washington University Bender Teaching Award; the 2013 National Delta-Omega Honor Society Award for Innovative Curriculum; the 2019 Student Supervisor of the Year Award for universities in the Northeast; and was selected for the Impact Center’s National Women’s Leadership Fellowship.  

Dr. Vyas resides in Mclean Virginia with her husband and three teenage children. She is a champion for women, children, and families in the United States and globally. 

Maternal and Child Health


Program Evaluation

Reproductive Health

Women's Health

Community Health

Global Health

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences, University of Connecticut, 1994
Master of Health Science in Demography, Johns Hopkins University School of Hygiene and Public Health, 1995
Doctor of Philosophy in Population Dynamics, Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health, 2001 

PubH 6551: Maternal & Child Health II: Advanced MCH Research 

PubH 6501: Program Evaluation 

Girl Rising, Producer, Vice Chair, Chair, 2014 - 2020

Girl Rising is a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment. In 2013, the film, Girl Rising, launched showcasing the lives of nine young girls from nine different countries around the world who overcame barriers to their education. The film's narration encourages viewers to understand that the solution to poverty, childhood marriage, war and conflict, and natural disasters is to educate a girl. Since its inception, the film has been transformed into a campaign, utilizing the power of storytelling to inspire, shift attitudes, and change behavior amongst girls and communities. Girl Rising has launched numerous campaigns to bring visibility to the issues girls face and inspire people to make change and break these barriers. By uniting celebrities, global leaders, and media influences to act as a collective effort/voice of positive change for girls. In 2014, Dr. Vyas, in partnership with Priyanka Chopra and Freida Pinto a national Girl Rising media campaign in partnership with the Government of India, reaching 400M+ viewers via television, theaters, and social media.


Global India Fund (GIF)Founder and President/Board of Directors, 2007 –

Global India Fund (GIF) was founded in 2007 to give people around the world an opportunity to make a difference in India. The idea to develop the Global India Fund evolved in March 2007, as GIF founder Dr. Amita Vyas joined Ashley Judd, Kate Roberts, and YouthAIDS to India to film a documentary about the calamitous health situation in India in collaboration with the National Geographic Channel. The mission of Global India Fund is to inspire global philanthropy and service by supporting innovative game-changing non-profit organizations and programs. We change the way people give by providing secure and transparent giving options to both individual and corporate donors. GIF showcases the work of credible non-profit organizations in India and empowers donors to choose which organizations to support—it is simple, smart, and powerful. Over the last decade, Global India Fund has raised millions of dollars to support programs for girls’ education, women’s empowerment, prevention of violence against girls and women, public health, and nutrition. In 2021 during the COVID-19 surge in India, GIF raised 1.5M in three weeks, and designed and launched vaccination programs to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccines, particularly among smaller cities and rural communities who are less likely to have access to vaccines and accurate vaccine/COVID-19 information.


Samhita Social Ventures, Mumbai India, Board of Advisors, 2008 –

Samhita means “collective good” and its mission is to help people and organizations “do good better” by creating symbiotic relationships between those who are bringing about change on the ground and those who have the means and resources to enable that change. Through the “Samhita ecosystem,” a credible platform and thought leadership, they enable NGOs, companies, donor agencies, individuals, philanthropists, foundations and researchers to achieve their specific goals and make informed decisions that translate into purposeful action and large-scale social impact. 

Center of Excellence in Maternal and Child Health

Jacobs Institute of Women's Health

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