Collaborative Health Economics Seminar Series (CHESS)

The Collaborative Health Economics Seminar Series (CHESS) aims to disseminate current research in health economics at an advanced technical level.

Seminar organizers: Lorens HelmchenAvi Dor

Academic Year 2023-2024

Date*   Floor** Speaker Affiliation.                                     Title
Oct 5 hybrid Martin Karlsson Duisburg-Essen Alive and Kicking? Short-Term Health Effects of a Physician Strike in Germany
Nov 2 online Molly Schnell Northwestern The Effects of Competition on Physician Prescribing
Dec 7 hybrid Thomas Koch Federal Trade Commission Insurer-Provider Integration in Healthcare Markets: Evidence from an Insurer Switch
Feb 1 online Zarek Brot-Goldberg Chicago Privatizing Social Health Insurance: Medicare Advantage vs. Traditional Medicare
Mar 7 online Marcus Dillender Vanderbilt Air Pollution, Wildfire Smoke, and Worker Health
Apr 4 online Alon Bergman Penn TBA
May 2 online Jetson Leder-Luis Boston University TBA

* The seminar meets every first Thursday 12-1:15pm during the academic year.

** Unless indicated otherwise, the seminars are held online only.

Please email Lorens Helmchen if you'd like to be added to the mailing list.

The seminars are not recorded.

No prior registration is required.

Academic Year 2022-2023

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 1 online Salama Freed GWU Competition Between Long-Term Care Providers: Evidence From the Introduction of Nursing Home Compare
Nov 3 online Catherine Maclean George Mason Evictions and Psychiatric Treatment
Dec 1 online Dan Zeltzer Tel Aviv The Impacts of Increased Access to Regular and Device-Assisted Telemedicine
Feb 2 online Jeah Jung George Mason Is Medicare Advantage More Efficient Than Traditional Medicare?
Mar 2 online Elena Prager Rochester Regulating Out-of-Network Hospital Payments: Disagreement Payoffs, Negotiated Prices, and Access
Apr 6 online Paul Eliason BYU Ambulance Taxis: The Impact of Regulation and Litigation on Health Care Fraud
Apr 13 online Philip Held Stanford Medicare’s Kidney Transplantation Program: Shortcomings and Solutions
May 4 online Michael Richards Baylor/Cornell Hospital Behavior Over the Private Equity Life Cycle

Academic Year 2021-2022

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Oct 7 online Anuj Gangopadhyaya Urban Institute Racial and Payer Differences in Patient Safety Between and Within Hospitals
Nov 4 online Joshua Gottlieb Chicago The Rise of Healthcare Jobs
Dec 2 online Alice Chen Southern California Does Growth in Pharmaceutical Demand Raise R&D Costs? Evidence from Medicare Part D
Feb 3 online Erdal Tekin American Public Health Policy at Scale: Impact of a Government-Sponsored Information Campaign on Infant Mortality in Denmark
Mar 3 online Leila Agha Dartmouth Fixing Misallocation with Guidelines: Awareness vs. Adherence
Apr 7 online Benjamin Avuwadah Florida / GW Impacts of armed conflict on household dietary diversity and food consumption patterns: Evidence from Nigeria
May 5 online Adam Leive Virginia Is Adverse Selection Progressive? Theory and Evidence from Health Insurance Choices

Academic Year 2020-2021

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 3 online Len Nichols Urban Institute Collaborative Financing of Social Determinants of Health: Before and After COVID-19
Oct 1 online Alessandra Fenizia GWU The Health Impacts of Hospital Delivery Practices
Nov 5 online Kelly Jones American Targeted Regulations on Abortion Providers: Impacts on Women's Education and Future Income
Dec 3 online Sebastian Tello-Trillo Virginia The Introduction of PrEP and HIV: Incidence, Mortality and Heterogeneity
Feb 4 online Radhika Jain Stanford Private Hospital Responses to Reimbursement Changes Under Public Insurance: Evidence From India
Mar 4 online Phil Saynisch NCQA Model Homes: Evaluating Approaches to Patient-Centered Medical Home Implementation
Apr 1 online Marion Aouad UC Irvine An Examination of the Intracorrelation of Family Health Insurance
May 6 online Benjamin Ukert Texas A&M How do "Must Access" Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs Address Opioid Misuse?

Academic Year 2019-2020

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Sep 5 5 Jeah Jung Penn State Integration and Chemotherapy Spending in Medicare
Oct 3 5 Adam Pilny RWI Essen Are Doctors Better Health Ministers?
Nov 4 6 Andrew Friedson UC Denver An Apple a Day? Adult Food Stamp Eligibility and Health Care Utilization Among Immigrants
Nov 7 6 Guy David Wharton Information, Relative Performance, and Technology Abandonment
Dec 5 6 Vincent Pohl Mathematica Patient vs. Provider Incentives in Long-Term Care
Feb 6 6 Felix Reichling Penn Wharton Budget Model Financing Medicare Expansion in the U.S.
Mar 5 6 Daniel Polsky Hopkins Provider Networks and Health Plan Premium Variation
Apr 2 6 Kelly Jones American canceled
May 7 6 Sebastian Tello-Trillo Virginia canceled

Academic Year 2018-2019

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Nov 1 3 Ambar La Forgia Penn Physician Organization and Incentives in Childbirth: Evidence from Physician Practice Management Companies
Nov 8 4 Ian McCarthy Emory Physician Behavior and Hospital Influence
Nov 15 6 Aparna Soni Indiana Health Insurance, Price Changes, and the Demand for Pain Relief Drugs
Nov 29   Ali Moghtaderi GWU Damage Caps and Defensive Medicine: Reexamination with Patient Level Data
Apr 4 4 Seth Richards-Shubik Lehigh Measuring Quality Effects in Equilibrium
May 2 6 Samuel Kleiner FTC Hospital Treatment and Patient Outcomes: Evidence from Capacity Constraints

Academic Year 2017-2018

Date* Floor** Speaker Affiliation Title
Aug 31 6 Tom Van Ourti Rotterdam / GWU Effect of screening mammography on breast-cancer mortality: Quasi-experimental evidence from rollout of the Dutch population-based program with 17-year follow-up of a cohort
Sep 14 5 Michael Darden GWU Do Hospitals Cost-Shift? New Evidence from the Hospital Readmission Reduction Program.
Sep 28 5 Jessica Leight American Community Health Educators and Maternal Health: Evidence from a Randomized Controlled Trial
Oct 12 5 Keith Finlay Census Safety Net Responses to Economic Downturns
Oct 26 6 William Encinosa AHRQ The Impact of Physician Competition and Vertical Integration on Access, Quality, and Costs
Nov 9 6 Zoe McLaren Michigan HIV Treatment as Economic Stimulus: Community Spillover Effects of Mass ART Provision in Rural South Africa
Dec 6 4 David Chan Stanford Price-setting by Committee: Evidence from Medicare
Jan 25 4 Ali Moghtaderi GWU Impact of Medical Liability Reform on Coronary Artery Disease Management
Feb 8 4 Len Nichols GMU Using Payment Reform to Reduce Ethnic Disparities Among the Uninsured
Feb 22 4 Robert Kaestner UIC Education and Health: A Causal Age, Period, and Cohort Analysis
Mar 8 4 Anushree Vichare GWU Perceptions of Providers’ Communication among the Low-Income: Does Race and Gender Concordance matter?
Mar 22 6 Dan Gilligan IFPRI Can Agricultural Technology Diffusion be Harnessed to Reduce Malnutrition? Experimental Evidence from Uganda
Apr 12 6 Damien de Walque World Bank Mitigating under-provision of health services for the poor: A lab-in-the-field experiment in Burkina Faso
Apr 26 6 Eric Barrette Health Care Cost Institute Bargaining, Competition and Prices in Hospital Markets