Office of Research Excellence

The Office of Research Excellence (ORE) has a fundamental mission to catalyze research productivity of the GWSPH across topical, content, and discplinary boundaries. The ORE comprises 5 key units, each functionally oriented in a "spoke and wheel" fashion to a core mission to make GWSPH a high performing, research-intensive, leading school in public health.


The Office of Research Excellence is directed by Professor Adnan Hyder, Senior Associate Dean for Research.





This unit provides efficient and strategic assistance in the pre-award phase of the research cycle across the GWSPH. It serves as a technical unit, providing advice and assistance, to departments and individual PIs. It also helps train departmental staff and strengthen the knowledge base of research at the GWSPH

Theresa Chapman, Pre-Award Grants Specialist


This unit serves as a technical agent and advisory resource for awards coming into the GWSPH across the range of private and public donors. It provides assistance on setting up grants, management concerns, liaison with finance, reporting issues, referrals to the regulation unit, and training of departmental staff across the GWSPH.

Michael Burdan, Research Program Manager, SPH Post-Award

Research Integrity, Compliance, and Ethics

This unit manages the ethics and compliance functions at GWSPH for GW. It is instrumental to the development of regulatory and ethics related processes at GWSPH. This unit reviews all research related standard operating procedures, works to strengthen responsible conduct of research, and develops the internal capacity for ethics review within GWSPH. 

Paul Ndebele, Senior Research Regulatory Specialist

Research Measurement and Metrics

This unit is developing a bespoke research data system that allows for the collection and collation of data across the pre, intra, and post-study research cycle. This unit relies heavily on current processes to optimize data collection, develop relevant metrics to track progress, and use visual platforms to produce outputs for monitoring and tracking research production across the GWSPH. 

Administration and Coordination

This unit serves a cross-cutting function to create an efficient environment for Research Excellence at GWSPH and provides assistance to the Senior Associate Dean of Research in driving his mission and goals for the Office of Research Excellence. It also creates an effective messaging strategy to provide resources and opportunities to members of the GWSPH community; and provides administrative assistance to other ORE units creating a cohesive team.

Lauren Scannelli, Administrative Coordinator

If you are interested in more information about the Office of Research Excellence, please reach out to Lauren Scannelli.

Faculty Research Committee

The purpose of the George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health Research Committee is to provide a structured forum to convene representatives from each department to discuss isusues related to the promotion and support of research activities at the GWSPH.

If you are interested in more information, please contact Irene Kuo, Chair of the Faculty Research Committee.

Grants Management Administrators

The Grants Management Administrators (GMA) group is a forum for the Office of Research Excellence and the Departmental Grants Administrators to communicate and collaborate on issues related to the support of research activities at the GWSPH.